To help minimize costly stoppages, “down time” and production losses we carry an extensive stock of new motors with as many as 300 drives available for immediate dispatch 24 hours per day.

Also available single phase machines, brake motors, 2 speed motors, geared units, DC motors, Slip Ring motors, HV motors and Exd motors all available ex works making Dorlec one of the largest independent stockists of new motors in this region. Built to order on short delivery alternators, traction motors, generators 2 to 12 pole also hydro generators.

Motors designed and built to customer’s specification.

Should you require technical help, guidance or simply a competitive price, you will find Dorlec ready to respond with friendly professionalism.

Hostile Environment

When considering purchasing a motor for a new installation or straight forward replacement, why not take advantage of Dorlec’s VPI process.