Condition Monitoring Predictive Maintenance

Thermographic, vibration and oil analysis service maximises production and minimises “Down Time”.

Use of these methods give engineers the flexibility to plan ahead, using manpower resources to the full and work to pre-planned budgets. Most important of all, production schedules can be maintained.

Benefits of Regular Condition Monitoring

Thermographic Survey

  • Energy saving
  • Survey carried out on running plant
  • Highlights potential fire risk
  • Pinpoints exact location of heat source
  • Comprehensive survey report
  • Increased safety

Vibration Analysis

  • Using the latest CSI Vibration analysis equipment
  • Identification of rotating mechanical faults
  • Elimination of unnecessary overhauls
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • The facility to plan ahead
  • Smooth uninterrupted production flow
  • Increased safety
  • Comprehensive survey report

Oil Analysis

  • Determination of condition of oil
  • Optimising lubricant change period
  • Identifies contamination
  • Increased safety


  • Using the latest CSI balancing equipment
  • Reducing noise levels
  • Increase life of component parts
  • Reducing structural damage
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Balancing to BS 4675
  • Full balance support